MyM magazine Issue 46 featuring Wing Works is out now!

MyM magazine Issue 46 featuring Wing Works is out now!

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Issue 46 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Comic Con, is out now! Featuring an interview with Chloë Grace Moretz for The 5th Wave, a look ahead at the near-future virtual reality video games and an in-depth look at Oscar’s treatment of fantasy fare!

It seems an awful long time since we ran our ‘Music Special’ (it was Issue 38, back in May 2015!), but even then our big cover splash was for anime show Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. So it’s an honour to finally have a musician grace our cover, in the form of Wing Works. Previously better known as the bassist from Lolita23q, Ryo:suke took the time to chat with MyM on his recent UK visit. We loved the android persona he takes on as solo visual kei act Wing Works and we hope you agree with us that his visage makes for a striking cover image.

Whether you agree or not, you’ll get your chance to tell us – and to have your say about every element of MyM magazine. Head to page 17 (or take our online survey) and tell us what you love about MyM, or where you think we could do better.

Do you love the film coverage we offer? There’s plenty more this issue, including an interview with Chloë Grace Moretz on sci-fi flick The 5th Wave (page 22), a rare chat with director Hsiao-Hsien Hou and an in-depth look at Oscar’s treatment of fantasy fare (page 19).

Are you mostly here for the games? Look ahead to the future with our virtual reality round-up (page 28) and preview/review section (starting on page 31).

If comics and manga are more your bag, we start with a look at the top 10 comic-book rivalries on page 62. Meanwhile, our massive anime review section (page 52) is bolstered by everything you ever wanted to know about Ultraman (page 48).

We also have TV covered, as Stan Lee talks Lucky Man (page 10), while Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn picks his favourite media (page 78).

Can we tempt you with a subscription? If so, see the details below. Because you could say it’s a music special every issue here at MyM, as we sing loud and proud about the best entertainment each month, and we’d hate for you to miss that tune…
Matt Chapman, Editor

MyM is available at all good newsagents including WHS and many independents. Click this link to find your nearest MyM stockist by postcode.

If your nearest store is too far away, please email, and we’ll look into it for you.

Alternatively, bag a monthly subscription and MyM magically drops through your letterbox. Even better, you can enjoy a substantial discount off the cover price if you subscribe to MyM by visiting this site.

MyM Issue 46 cover Wing Works Virtual Reality Oscars


Sharp-eyed readers may recognise ex-Lolita23q bassist Ryo:suke behind that robotic vision, as he brings a rock-electronica look to his new solo visual kei project.

Former Hit Girl Chloë Grace Moretz discusses her most relatable role to date, as an ordinary teenager fighting an alien threat.

MyM46 p22-23 Chloe Grace Moretz The 5th Wave

Why do America’s Academy Award voters hate sci-fi and fantasy? MyM’s Jayne Nelson takes a look at some of their biggest snubs.

MyM caught up with the visual kei band during their London debut, to talk rock opera with a French twist.

It was ‘death by kawaii’ as the YouTube sensation brought their mix of J-pop melodies and heavy metal to the UK.

MyM straps on some goggles and flings itself into the burgeoning world of VR, which hopes to dominate gaming in 2016.

MyM Issue 46 virtual reality VR video games

Spencer Lloyd Peet chats with Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien about his most ambitious project to date.

Whether it’s marauding monsters, spin-off movies or legal wrangling, Ultraman has never been a franchise to do things by halves. Alex Jones celebrates the iconic superhero’s 50th anniversary.

Including a bumper trip to Planet Japan to see what Christmas is like there and your chance to tell us what you think about MyM and win an iPad Mini!

MyM46 p12-13 Planet Japan Katie Carter Capsulebunny

Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn picks his favourite media – from Mad Max and The Munsters to mass atrocities!

Katharine Byrne talks to Kristen Wish Cosplay about filling the shoes of DC’s leading Amazon princess, Rebecca Moriarty looks at how cosplayers are becoming comic book cover stars, and Star Wars, Kill la Kill, Mad Max and The Little Mermaid all feature in our cosplay poster quartet.

Saoirse Clohessy on the Irish stained-glass artist who nailed the lolita look – almost a century before the style took off in Japan!

Including headphones that have fashion all wrapped up and tales of terror with Aliens Omnibus Volume 1.

MyM46 p60-61 My Goodies

Ruth Edmundson counts down the comic-book adversaries most likely to butt heads.

This month’s movie and TV reviews are full of action (The Assassin, The Ninja Trilogy, Yakuza Apocalypse, The Hateful Eight, Guns For Hire, Meru, Legend, The Librarians), horror (Nina Forever, Last Shift, Septic Man and – surprisingly – The Big Short) and joy (Joy).

MyM46 p70-71 Assassin - Ninja Trilogy - Meru - Nina Forever

This month we preview some of the more interesting titles coming to the various VR platforms, such as EVE Valkyrie, The Climb, The Assembly and Job Simulator. We also look ahead to Final Fantasy Explorers, try out the Early Access Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Stand Alone Complex Online, and review The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Earth Defense Force 4.1, The Legend of Legacy, Yakuza 5, Resident Evil 0 HD and more.

Controversial Netflix series Glitter Force, lush Dumas adaptation Gankutsuou, guntoting fantasy Chaika: The Coffin Princess and super sweet comedy Hidamari Sketch all go on trial this month, joined in the dock by World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Oreimo, Magi, Maid Sama and a new book on anime, manga and Hollywood. Will our judges find them guilty or innocent?

Andy Shaw discovers there’s no place like Rome with Aquila, has a whale of a time with Space Dumplins and finds out whether Strontium Dog can run with the pack. Meanwhile, Ian Wolf gets his harem on with Mayo Chiki!, heads to space with Planetes and hits the road with Yowamushi Pedal.

MyM Issue 46 banner

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