Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege GAME REVIEW

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege GAME REVIEW

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Leave them wanting more

Ranbow Six Siege


stars 3.5

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Piblisher: Ubisoft
Release: Out Now
Formats: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Rating: PEGI 18
RRP: £49.99

Offering all the tactical thrills you’d expect from Ubisoft’s age-old FPS, as teams of five are pitted against each other, Rainbow Six Siege is a fresh return to the series. But how does it stack up alongside the competition?

Siege’s respawn-free gameplay forces a much slower and tactical game than we’ve become accustomed to in recent years, and it’s this pacing that makes it one of the most thrilling multiplayer experiences we’ve played. That cagey play also explains why every kill is oh-so-satisfying.

While not the best looking game we’ve ever seen, there’s still plenty of neat details in Siege’s maps and the game’s sound design must also be praised, with every weapon and gadget having its own unique noises, helping to identify nearby threats. You’ll quickly learn to run when you hear the rapid beeping of some planted C-4.

The 11 maps, split across a handful of modes, do offer some variety. The standout for us is hostage, which is a capture-the-flag variant – if the flag was an innocent civilian. Every mode is played out as attack and defend, with one team protecting an objective while the other attempts to capture it. As a result, the defending team will spend their time frantically barricading doors and reinforcing walls, while the attackers must find routes to breach to take out their rivals.


Terrorist Hunt also returns, allowing you to team up with friends to take down waves of AI -ontrolled enemies, while the single-player “situations” provide a series of short and entertaining missions that help you get to grips with the basics of the game. Completing all 10 of these missions unlocks a special one-off four-player mission, which bizarrely gives you a small taste of what could have been if Siege had included a fully-fledged co-op story mode. We won’t spoil any more than that but it’s safe to say we hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Completing games earns you XP and renown to unlock new weapon attachments, skins and new playable classes. These classes, dubbed “Operators”, are Siege’s MOBA-esque class system, each with its own unique abilities and equipment. It’s a fresh take on the traditional FPS loadout format and helps ensure teams are balanced and have skills that complement each other. For example, Rook can drop armour bags to make your whole team more resilient, while Doc can revive downed teammates from a longer distance.

Unfortunately, a lack of replayability in the solo missions leaves the game feeling slight. Rainbow Six Siege may be an intricately designed tactical shooter filled with unforgettable moments you’ll be talking about for weeks, but with only Terrorist Hunt and competitive multiplayer on offer over just 10 maps and four modes, it left us wanting more. Here’s hoping it’s not entirely overlooked this winter.

Review by: Mike Bell



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