The Vampire Diaries S07E05 "Live Through This" REVIEW

The Vampire Diaries S07E05 "Live Through This" REVIEW

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The Vampire Diaries S07E05 “Live Through This” REVIEW


stars 4.5

Airing in the UK on ITV2, Weds 11pm
Writer: Rebecca Sonnenshine
Director: Kellie Cyrus


Essential plot points:

  • This episode’s three-year flash forward sees Bonnie in what looks like a mental institution being visited by Enzo. She rushes into his arms and they kiss.
  • Jumping back to the present, Bonnie is worried about the effects of the Phoenix Stone and takes it to Oscar to discuss it.
  • Both Jo and Oscar are not in their right minds; they seem confused by the world and don’t recognise their loved ones.
  • Valerie steals Matt’s car to find Julian and is joined by Stefan and Damon. Lily and the rest of the Heretics are hot on their tail.
  • It is revealed that Julian is actually dead and it is his body that everyone is looking for. This is the reason Lily wanted the Phoenix Stone: to bring him back to life.
  • The Phoenix Stone is actually a container of lost old vampire souls. It can’t bring just anyone back from the dead. This means that someone else’s soul is in both Oscar and Jo’s body.
  • The Heretics catch Valerie trying to burn Julian’s body and she is cast out. She tells Stefan and Damon that Lily was the one who gave Kai the idea to put Elena under the Sleeping Beauty spell. Damon vows to kill Julian to hurt Lily.
  • Enzo offers Lily the stone but tells her to chose: him or Julian. Lily chooses Julian and uses the stone to resurrect him.
  • Valerie finally tells Stefan that she was on her way back to him when she was ambushed by Julian who killed their unborn baby. Stefan also vows to kill Julian.
  • Bonnie tells Alaric that it wasn’t Jo that they brought back; it is some unknown old vampire. Alaric offers to help the mystery woman.


The Good:

  • The build-up surroundind Julian has now reached its crescendo – he is finally here. And he doesn’t know how much danger he is in with Damon, Bonnie, Stefan, Valerie and Enzo all wanting him dead. If only he had a family of all powerful witch-vampire hybrids… oh wait. It’s set to be all out war.
  • When Jo was resurrected there was a feeing of, “everyone who dies, comes back to life in this show, so where’s the peril? The threat?” Well now we have our answer. It’s nt Jo who came back…
  • The flash forward was intriguing as ever. Bonnie and Enzo somehow end up together. They spent a lot of this episode flirting and building chemistry.


The Bad:

  • The Stefan and Caroline relationship still doesn’t feel believable, and the fact that he didn’t tell her about Valerie and the baby implies that it’s not going to last that long anyway. We know it isn’t still going three years from now from a couple of flash forwards ago so it’s hard to buy into it now.
  • Did the new Jo have to be another person who’s confused by the modern world? It’s a trope that the writers have used quite a few times before: old supernatural being awakens or comes back to life and isn’t used to mobile phones, or cars! We’ve just had a load of them introduced at the start of this season and now we have another one.


And The Random:

  • Damon teasing Stefan and Caroline about their relationship and cracking jokes made for the most awkward car journey possible for Stefan and Valerie, but it was  hilarious for viewers to watch.
  • Perhaps it’s a vampire thing where Caroline and Stefan can wake up perfectly made-up and with immaculate hair, completely ready to start the day with just a change of clothes. What an easy life that would be!
  • Damon turning over a new leaf lasted roughly half an episode. It’s all about revenge again, but that is the best kind of Damon.

Review by Georgina Tyson



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