Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash REVIEW

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash REVIEW

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash review by Jennifer Allen. 

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DEVELOPER: Camelot Software Planning
FORMAT(S): Nintendo Wii U
PRICE (RRP): £39.99

It’s not that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash isn’t fun to play, it’s that there’s just not enough of it to warrant paying full price for it. A shockingly stripped down release, there’s no campaign or tournament mode to speak of.

Instead, the meat comes from the Knockout Challenge – a ladder of 30 matches – and the Mega Battle Mode, offering mega mushrooms that increase your size to mix things up. There’s a dull game of ball rallying too, which hardly entices. Quirky mini games are non-existent, meaning there’s less fun to be had than in previous instalments.

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Worst of all is the limitations of the online multiplayer. You can’t create lobbies, simply being paired up randomly with other players, without even an option for a rematch. While local multiplayer is where most of the fun resides, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash fails to translate that elsewhere. It’s all so flimsy and shallow.

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