EuroCosplay winners panel at MCM London Comic Con (October 2015)

EuroCosplay winners panel at MCM London Comic Con (October 2015)

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EuroCosplay Winners Panel 2015 (9519)

The EuroCosplay 2015 final at MCM London Comic Con saw MrGnob (pictured left) from Russia crowned the EuroCosplay champion for Sakizo’s Rococo Princess. This was her second time taking part in the EuroCosplay championships, having previously been a finalist in 2013. In second place was Loveiny (pictured right) from Hungary for Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman. In third place was Tamiyo Cosplay from Italy for Mary Poppins.

The following day saw MrGnob and Loveiny attend the winners panel at the Pop Asia stage, hosted by Joe ‘Granny Gertrude’ Sutton (Tamiyo was unable to attend, but Joe mentioned to the audience that she had a lot of stage props that had to be loaded up into her car – she had to drive from Italy because she was unable to get all the props on the plane).

The panel began with MrGnob and Loveiny explaining a bit about themselves and their chosen costume for EuroCosplay.

MrGnob - Rococo Princess (by Dave Golder)

MrGnob as Sakizo’s Rococo Princess
(photo by Dave Golder)

Loveiny - Queen Ravenna (by Dave Golder)

Loveiny as Queen Ravenna
(photo by Dave Golder)

MrGnob revealed that she had been cosplaying for 11 years and as well as a contestant she has also been a judge at cosplay events. “I love Sakizo,” she said of cosplaying Rococo Princess. “When I saw this art book I fell in love with it and I tried to put all my love in this costume. While I was doing it I understood that, ‘Yes, that’s the costume of my life.’”

Loveiny explained that she had been cosplaying for five years and loved to craft things with the least amount of money possible. “I’m not a really known cosplay at home,” she said. “I rarely have the chance to go to competitions.” On cosplaying Queen Ravenna she said, “You know, the [costume in the] film wasn’t good enough. But Ravenna was really good. I fell in love with her. She looks evil, but she’s only really broken-hearted. She’s a good character.”

When asked about how they felt when they heard they had won, it turned out that MrGnob had misheard and did not believe that she had placed first. “When I heard you announced the third place… not me. Second place… oh, not me. Then I thought ‘No… it can’t be… I can’t win… oh, I better go,’” said MrGnob.

“My heart was beating too loud. I was very nervous,” added MrGnob. “When I understood I had won… I just couldn’t believe it. Some people, they took my hand and walked me to the stage and [I said], ‘No, no, what are you doing? It’s not me.’”

“I thought, ‘It can’t be Loveiny that they said,’” laughed Loveiny on her reaction when hearing she had placed second. She explained that she stood backstage constantly thinking, “it can’t be” and didn’t make her way to the stage till her helper told her to go.

MrGnob was then asked what the reaction back home would be like when they hear about her EuroCosplay win. “I have received a lot of mail and congratulations. I was very surprised that a lot of cosplayers congratulated me. That was really, really pleasant.”

EuroCosplay Winners panel 2015 (9525)Joe then noted how Hungary had placed third last year, and this year they were second. Could 2016 see them clinch victory? “I think it will be really hard for next year’s competition,” laughed Loveiny. “We have a lot of good cosplayers. They are amazing. When I qualified, we had a really, really strong competition. The other people that took part in that competition, they had really strong and good cosplays.”

MrGnob was then asked if she was going to take a break after her EuroCosplay win or if there was another project in the works. “I’m going to Disneyland!” she joked and then said, “No, I can’t take any breaks. It’s not for me.” She revealed that she had a lot of commissions to work on. “A lot of people want dresses from me,” she said, adding that she may put aside cosplay and focus more on fashion shows.

They were then both asked how cosplay events in the UK compared to those in their own country. “Russia has a lot of strong cosplayers,” said MrGnob. “Here in EuroCosplay, in the UK, there are a lot of strong cosplayers as well. My first thoughts when I saw [the other finalists] in the dressing room were, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here again?’ There are a lot of beautiful cosplayers, strong cosplayers, and I can just imagine how hard it was for the judges.”

Loveiny described cosplay events in Hungary as “smaller and calmer” in comparison. “I was coming here [to MCM London] and, ooh, so much people.” She also revealed how the judging process for cosplay in Hungary is not as intense. “They just look and [say], ‘Oh, that looks good. How have you made it?’ But they don’t look at every little piece.”

They were then asked if they had any final words before the panel came to a close.

“Just keep up,” said MrGnob.

“Yeah, everyone should keep up,” said Loveiny. “I was able to make it. I won second place and it’s such a big deal. If I was able to do it, every one of us has the chance for it.”


Thank you to James Reid at the Pop Asia stage.

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