Lots of Resident Evil Revelations Monster Concept Art

Lots of Resident Evil Revelations Monster Concept Art

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The Malacoda is a virus-infected marine creature with a long eel-like body, grown to large size. “I designed the Malacoda based on an image of a parasite with a head textured like a bedbug,” says Kinoshita. “The bedbug’s unique form has incredible vitality. I had found similar shaped ones among the parasite copepods, so I used those as a reference to create this image. The natural shape of the phrixocephalus triangulus’s egg sacs is amazing.”


“The source of the marine virus is, naturally, waterborne. From the top of the whale’s body, it sprays an infected red fluid. It becomes a red cloud that hovers, mutating into an airborne virus,” says Kinoshita.


“Because the Tyrant’s eyes deceive the target with illusions, I thought about a body made of compound eyes. Using the lens in each set of eyes, it projects illusory materials in its body onto the surroundings. Ultimately, I felt that it was not obvious enough from its appearance—but the idea that the face separates to reveal a large eye appears was born here,”says Kinoshita.


Norman, the leader of the international terrorist organization Il Veltro, repeatedly injected himself with t-Abyss in order to turn into this form. His sharp, terrifying gaze strikes fear into those unlucky enough to face him. “This is a design that goes right back to basics. It is an image of a Tyrant combined with a pre-mutation Norman. I had to consider a few things when designing him: a Tyrant as a destructive weapon that can cross water; a four-legged animal that can use space three-dimensionally; and a creature capable of tearing its body when mutating into new forms. These were some of the things I was pondering around the time,” says Kinoshita.


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