London Vs Seoul with a world champion dance battle at London Korean Festival

London Vs Seoul with a world champion dance battle at London Korean Festival

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With the London Korean Festival being held in Trafalgar Square on Sunday August 9th, Korean culture fans have been celebrating the news of S.M. Entertainment’s girl group F(x) as well as the rock band Guckkasten performing at the free public event. It has also been announced that two world champion break dance crews from different corners of the globe are set to lay down their best dance moves in an epic dance battle.

London’s super group Soul Mavericks will go face to face against Seoul, Korea’s B-Boy world champions Jinjo Crew. Both crews are widely acclaimed and travel internationally to represent their country in hip-hop dance battles. South Korea has a relatively new and eternally expanding hip-hop fan base which is home to some of the top rated B-boy crews in the world. Where crews like the UK’s Diversity have won a major television talent show and become household names, Korea’s B-Boys are also very popular and have won MTV dance shows, talent shows and international battles. Both dance crews have faced each other once before at a championship in London, where Jinjo Crew triumphed, but the Soul Mavericks, who are marking their 10th anniversary as a group, are determined to win the battle this time around.

Soul Mavericks range in age from 12 to 40 years old and include both male and female members. Based in London, they have attracted dancers from all over the country, including one member from Wales. They also took part in the Beijing and London Olympic ceremonies as special guests. With Jinjo Crew based in Seoul they are flying to London especially for the dance battle and have been rehearsing a brand new routine that is set to entertain and surprise fans of the hip-hop B-boy movement. The crew include world champions B-Boy Hong10 and B-Boy Wing, winners of the Red Bull BC1 in 2006 in Brazil and 2008 in Paris, plus members Skim, Vero, FE, Octopus, Fleta, Giboon, Stony, Mold and Patrick Star.

Before the battle Jinjo Crew will be meeting young fans and teaching London school children some break dancing moves in a free dance lesson in south London on Friday 7th August. Both of the crews are part of  a wide range of acts in the form of musicians, dancers and top chefs who are taking part at the FREE one day London Korean FestivalThe event is organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Korean Tourism Organisation, Korea Creative Content Agency and supported by the Mayor of London. Bringing together an exciting mix of modern and traditional Korean culture it will host a dynamic programme of dance from traditional to modern, delicious Korean food including live demonstrations by celebrity chef Judy Joo, plus e-sports games and live music.


For more information about the event be sure to check out our previous article covering everything you can see and do at the London Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square on Sunday August 9th. And be sure to check back to MCM Buzz for a full review and coverage of the event. Below is a video of Jinjo Crew Vs Soul Mavericks at the UK B-boy World Championships in 2011.

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