Web Crawl: Monster Movies

Web Crawl: Monster Movies

Web Crawl: Monster Movies

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As Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim stomps ever closer towards our screens, we hunt down some cracking monster movies online… 

The Happiest Monster

When a space monster lands on Earth, a young girl strikes up an Ann Darrow/King Kong-like relationship with him on a trip back to his home world.

Bride Of The Space Monster

This Ed Wood-style alien monster movie has better acting and production values than Wood’s films – and, yes, we know that’s not hard. The opening ’50s-style cinema advert tops things off.

Check it out by clicking here…

Monster Movie 

Dracula. The Mummy. The Wolfman. Frankenstein’s Monster. An army of undead skeletons. If the action seems a little blocky, that’s because they’ve all been brought to chilling life in Lego form.

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