Studio Ghibli Gets its own Series of Zippo Lighters

Studio Ghibli Gets its own Series of Zippo Lighters

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A multitude of Studio Ghibli films are now featured on a collection of Zippo lighters. From classics such as Princess Mononoke and Laputa to the more recent on-screen adventures like Tales from Earthsea and Ponyo, the lighters are available online and range between $99.99 – $150.

Despite Ghibli’s popularity with young audiences, the studio has clearly branched out to more mature audiences in this particular merchandising. Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki is a smoker himself, having said in an interview in 2008 with Robert Whiting “Both of my parents were heavy smokers, though they didn’t die of lung cancer. So I’m OK. I scanned my lungs the other day and there was no problem.”

Even with the health issues surrounding smoking and the complaints from some fans and anti-smoking groups, it’s hard not to admire the artistry of these pieces. If it makes those against smoking feel any better, they could always be used to light candles.

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