10 Comedy Stars Who Were Actually Really Good In Doctor Who/4

10 Comedy Stars Who Were Actually Really Good In Doctor Who/4

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6 Beryl Reid

Doctor Who Briggs Earthshock

Briggs in “Earthshock” (1982)
Best known for: Blankety Blank

Okay, we’re being a little churlish here as Reid had many acclaimed dramatic roles to her name (The Killing Of Sister George, Smiley’s People) but in the early ’80s she was definitely more of a light entertainment star with plumb appearances on such things as Dick Emery’s Comedy Hour and The Ronnie Corbett Special and a virtual residency on comedy comedy celebrity quiz show Blankety Blank. So playing a grizzly space captain with a Cybermen infestation was definitely playing against type, and she largely pulled it off.

7 Peter Kay (until he becomes a monster)

doctor who peter kay victor

Victor Kennedy in “Love & Monsters” (2006)
Best Known For: Phoenix Nights/“Is This The Way To Amarillo?”

Let’s get one thing straight. This is an entry for Peter Kay as Victor Kennedy, not an entry for Peter Kay as the Abzorbaloff. Like the episode itself, it’s all going really well until the Abzorbaloff appears. A very clever Tenth Doctor tale that barely features the Tenth Doctor, it is instead the story of a gang of Doctor-spotters who form themselves into a support group, awaiting his next appearance. Kay plays the man who comes along and spoils their fun by sucking the joy out of their camaraderie and turning Doctor-spotting into a chore. Kay is great as the sinister killjoy Victor, but when he turns out to be an alien who absorbs people things go badly awry.

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