10 Comedy Stars Who Were Actually Really Good In Doctor Who/3

10 Comedy Stars Who Were Actually Really Good In Doctor Who/3

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4 Nicholas Parsons

Doctor Who Nicholas Parsons

The Rev Mr Wainwright in “The Curse Of Fenric” (1989)
Best known for: Just A Minute, Sale Of The Century

Not actually a comedian himself but he has been the host of Radio 4’s comedy game Just A Minute show since just after the big bang as well as being a celebrated quiz show host. So nobody was expecting much when he played a vicar in this Seventh Doctor story. But as a World War II priest who is going through a crisis of faith he is utterly, utterly brilliant. A simple scene of him delivering the words of Saint Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians chapter 13 from memory to an empty church is mesmerising.

5 Peter Glaze

doctor who peter glaze

Third Sensorite/City Administrator in “The Sensorites” (1964)
Best known for: Crackerjack

The credit “Third Sensorite/City Administrator” might make it sound like the rotund little comedian from kids’ show Crackerjack merely had a couple of bit parts in this First Doctor story. Actually it was just that Sensorites simply didn’t have much truck with names. The City Administrator was an evil politician who’s like a sci-fi b-movie version of Francis Underwood with a poisoning fixation.

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